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Become the rider upon the heavenly realms on a meditative journey through the vibratory geometric Starwheels. Ascend into the brilliant colour radiations of the Gates of Light! Experience the ‘Wheels Within Wheels’ as the mandalas unfold to reconnect to the greater Overself reality. Through musical frequencies of axiatonal music (TM) we open our hearts of compassion, as we are prepared to behold the Messengers of Light. They beckon us to enter the future worlds of light, revealing the sacred pathways of ascension in union with the Divine Mind and realms of Infinite Splendor.

Psi-Plantae Adelaide Fringe 2015

Sacred Resonance Presents:
Psi-Plantae – Bio-Symphonic Installation, at Adelaide Fringe, Feb 28 – Mar 9, 2015
Installation & Exhibition:
1 – 9 March, 10am – 5pm.
Entry – FREE
Opening Night:
Saturday 28 February, 6:30-10:00pm.
Entry FEE applies.
Psi-Plantae will be held in Adelaide Botanic Garden’s internationally acclaimed Bicentennial Conservatory, the largest single span glasshouse in the Southern Hemisphere.
Can plants communicate? What would they say if they could speak? Inspired by the book “The Secret Life of Plants” this visual, interactive, sound installation explores the secret dimensions of the plant kingdom. A consciousness exploration into the worlds of supernature.
Darren Curtis – Executive Curator / Creative Director / Sound Tech (BA Hons. MUS.St.) (ADL)
Bradley Pitt – Executive Curator/ Creative Director / Concept (ADL)
Jessica McPhee – Curator/ Creative Director / Artist (BA Vis. Comm.) (ADL)
Dr. Kenneth Scott – Project Advisor, Ecology (BSc. (Hons); PhD) (ADL)
Dr. Sebastian Tomczak – Technical Artist/Consultant (B. Musc (Hons), PhD) (ADL)
Paul Owen – Lighting Designer (MELB)
Dylan Wood – Film/Projection (MELB)
Diana Gentu – Film/Projection (MELB)
Pozible Crowd funding Campaign: December 12th – Jan 16th 2015 –
(Live December 12th, 2014)
Sponsorship with special thanks:
Fox Creek Wines (
Adelaide Botanic Gardens of South Australia. (
Bank SA Support Acts

Muon – Cascading Light at Harts Mill by Sacred Resonance

Muon – Cosmic Array at Hart’s Mill by Sacred Resonance
Real time control of sound and visual form via a Hodoscope – Muon detector donated by Robert Hart of HardHack.
Presented for Adelaide Fringe 2017 at Hart’s Mill – Flour Shed.
Live Music and Visuals by Darren Curtis and Bradley Pitt (Sacred Resonance)
Live painting by Jessica Curtis (In Search of the Divine)
Sacred Geometry Sculpture by Paul Owen
Live Music shows: Trish Blythman and Darren Curtis